Monday, October 27, 2008

Just incase you forgot...They vote too.....

Like most people I surf the web...... Its like going fishing. Sometimes you happen to catch something interesting... like this:

I kinda dont know what to say....I just felt the need to share this... Being from New York, I often forget about this demographic....

Friday, October 24, 2008

So.... Why weren't you at "SPIT THAT!" last thursday?

Get. Ya'. Life. To-geth-er....

Kwessi! You did it again!

Jason + Griffin = Sicker than ANY mufckin artist you know!....Yeah I said it.

So..... my boy Jason Griffin ^^^^^^ is a BEAST. Don't believe me? Go ask your mother. He's a magician, no wand, just a paint brush. For him a canvas is strictly optional, in fact for him a paint brush is strictly optional. If art were wine, he'd be Jesus holding a glass of water..... 'Nough said.
Lucky for you his work is being featured at Leo Kesting Gallery located at 812 Washington St and Gansevoort. This series of Paintings and Polaroids in particular bring to life his most recent collection, "80's babies". In this collection the subjects are all people born in the 80's. So instead of your usual nostalgic spin on 80's Retro, he takes it forward, to the now. Creating contemporary images of, well, Us! The seeds planted in concrete, fertilized by pipe dreams, poverty, and seemingly endless odds. This exhibit proudly proclaims that we are much more than roses that happened to grow out of concrete. We are two words that simultaneously define a decade while foreshadowing the new artistic awakening that is to come. We are: "Eighties. Babies."
Get ya life together. Check him out. Today. Right now....

Dont be like me!!!!

I snagged this form my homegirls page....shhhh!
Hilarious...but seriouse...for real though.
(btw Jaime Lewis is my real name)

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Tonights the night! Another installment if SPIT THAT! Open mic series. You know the rundown, if you weren't there last week you missed it, yada yada. Look, you already know what it is... Writers Block is in the building! Come through!

2,3,4,5, A/C train to Franklin. 925 Bergen between Franklin and Classon. See you tonight!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Art + Genius = Banksy

Ive been following this guy for some time now, and somehow, I cant help but feel like he's following me! Well, his artwork at least.
Bansky, the British graffiti artist (the man responsible for the giant sized rats over looking the streets of Canal and Soho) is currently taking New York by storm. And word on the street is he's here to set up shop...literally!
In fact, today I had the pleasure of checking out his "pet store" myself. Banksy's Pet store underlines the idea that there are two sides, or better yet, two key elements of art. The side in which an individual manipulates a specific medium to create "art", and then the other, in which "art" manipulates a specific individual to create thought. Hence the phrase: "Thought provoking ".
Banksy's pet store is an iconic example of bringing ideas to really, thats what he did.

Check out the site, then take a trip to the shop. Trust me its worth it!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kwesi + Abbensetts = Photographer

the Blueprint,
and the Architect,
never one to waste words, created the world
speaking in tongues.
Leaving it for the artist to translate.


Look for him.
Find him.


...And I got proof!
Thursday was amazing. Inspirational. And quite entertaining.
Seeing people muster up courage to express themselves through art, and discussion is priceless. This is what "Writers Block" the movement is about; its about you. And I thank you, the loyal members of this movement for your continued support. It is a pleasure to finally be able to give back, and reciprocate the love you've given. And for those that have never been to a
"Writers Block" event..... Get ya life together.
Big shout out to YUME. Mike we in here!

Friday, October 17, 2008


To all those that came out last night, I say thank you. Last night was amazing! (and TRUST me im being modest, cause it was actually quite off the chain, many beautiful women, and gentlemen. Lots of expression, inspiration, and discussion, just a very good look). For those that missed it, be sure to come through next week. It IS every Thursday. And this IS how we gets down at Writers Block. See you then!

P.S. Pictures coming soon!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'd like to give a shout out to my man, Joe Six Pack! I see you!

Obama's Facial expressions last night were priceless (^^^note: exhibit a). Thats the look you give right before you slap someone. And Slap he did!
Some friends and I rounded up at my sisters place with a couple of beers, a bag of popcorn, and watched the fight,(oops!) I mean debacle, (oops!) I meant DEBATE! Matter of fact...... I'll let you call it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I must begin by saying..... I EFFIN' LOVE BROOKLYN! (now that I've gotten that off my chest...)
While hangin' wit my homie Lychelle, we stumbled across this footage. Tears almost came to our eyes, in that moment, we officially wished we could unlatch the gates of time and place ourselves back into the youthful hands of 17. The days of High school to be exact. The days when 'if it wasn't Flex it wasn't "shhhh" '. The era of Dance crews, Ice Berg, Moschino, where EVERYONE was Crip (KC1, Haitian Mafia, BMW, G stone or Rollin 60's...), Basement parties and Bashments.

Welcome, to Flatbush circa 1999.

(...skip to 1:30)

The Roof Is On Fire! Kind of......

Do you know what this is? Its a Museum, "the Met" to be exact, filled with wonderful artwork and artistic goodness (I bet you didn't know that). Yesterday I had the opportunity of checking out some cool exhibits. Two in particular I know you'd love. Check em out before they're gone!

Might I add, the roof top view from Jeff Koons exhibit....great. Bring money to buy a glass of wine, or beer while your up there (I mean...thats if your trying to have the full experience).