Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oh Me, Oh My!

For once in my life, I am at a loss for words. Smh on a huneeed thousand trillion.

Actually, I am sure the words that I cannot find at this moment can be found in that dictionary that he is using to roll up. That boy needs to go read a book.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Click the circle below!!!!
Wed. April 1, 11am-6pm
New York, NY:
John Allan's Midtown
46 E 46 St. (Madison x Vanderbilt)
This Wednesday PLEASE!

I am a bone marrow donor! You should be one too!
All it takes is a swab of your cheek.

When Arts & Crafts Get Crafty

I've been thinking of decoration ideas and whilst flipping through various inspiration stations I discovered Miso Funky. An online store based in Glasgow whose motto is:

"Handmade things to Funkify Your Life"
Well, I think it will funkify more than my life. It'll will funkify my frames, my stove...
...and my door-way, the perfect enhancer!! Martha Stewart needs to step her game up SRSLY!!
P.S. I here-by dedicate these here donuts to J Dilla. The Magnolia Bakery ain't got nothing on these.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ol' Skool Company

The artist formerly known as Prince, but always known to me as AMAZING performed last night on Jay Leno. Ahhh!! I love this man. He still funkin' it out at his ripe age. Prince, can I be your purple rain???

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Say My Name | A Film Worth Viewing

Unfortunately, I was not able to take part in SXSW, this year in Austin, TX, but sho' nuff a lot was a buzzin' round them parts. And part of that buzz was this documentary Say My Name that was featured there. It is a film about "women turning adversity into art," which I think is the greatest source of inspiration.

Check the offical SMN blog, and the trailer below. And make sure before Women's History Month (March) is over you see this film. Fook it! See it whenever! Just See It!

Mic Check 1, 2, 1, 2.
Thanks Eyeris for the heads up!!

Nintendo DSi

At first I was planning on letting you view this video and come to your own conclusions....(skip to 3:41)

But, nah FOOK THAT. I want you to come to my conclusion. Bey' cannot even let her nephew escape from the englufing black hole....uhh, I meant lime light that is show-biz. Already the likkle bwoy is being pimped out to advertise for a video game.

Stop playing games, yo. (said with my 8-Ball voice)

Where is Solange?? She needs to regulate! or is she off building Sandcastles somewhere...hmmmm.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DFC | Dante's Fried Chicken

I love this dude. RIPMC and I were just discussing this dude and his cooking. It is just magnificent to see my two favorite things come together, food & music. Dante you never cease to amaze me. Matter of fact, this past Sunday TIGGA performed at Santos' Party House for Dante' Fried Chicken. So, basically this dude collaborates with up and coming artists and creates eatery that is DEEVINE. In past episodes he even had Santigold. So, peep the latest webisode below. The movement is moving.

Knock. Knock.

Who's there?
It's Keri baby!

Really?? I mean it seems as though as soon as the lull of a missing Rhi-Rhi and a over saturated Bey' like Keri is stepping to the plate and knocking down everyone who comes in her way. (Pun intended).

First it was the Beyonce, oopps I meant the Ciara diss' on her track. Then I woke up this morning to seeing her perform on the morning show. Keri though?? I was so shocked, I almost got knocked down when I tried to get out of bed.

So here is the next swagtastical female to take over R&B, let's see how far she knocks you down.

via kanyeuniversity.com/blog

Sunday, March 22, 2009


I would like to take this time out to say a special Thank you to those that came out on Thursday. The Bowery Poetry club was RAM!!! Line outside the door, people sitting on stage! No really, There were atleast....280 people in there, "Word to the Motherland"! Anyway, heres some pics from the Event, which is great especially if you missed it. This way you know how much better of an event it was without you :P

Big shout out to Shyvonne!!! You are officially down wit' the movement!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Billie Club

If you have ever been in the wrong neighborhood, at the wrong time, and have been subjected to racially profiling by the "po-po," this song by Wayna feat. Muhsinah "Billie Club." goes out to you, you, you and you. (pointing fingers to random audience members, ehem...I mean blog-readers)

Wayna's has sung a word perfect portrayal of the all too familiar feeling that creeps up your spine when "The Man" is running your liscence plate number, or grilling you when you are standing on the corner lampin' with the homies.
Wayna you the truth gurl!

BTW i am soo excited for Thursday I am gonna piss in my pants =)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ashley Kyles

Lets consider this the first installment of our 'online' SPIT THAT! series.

**Cue the applause**

If you have a (short) poem that you would like to showcase on our blog, send a picture of yourself along with your poem to me at rip@wearewritersblock.com.

Now..... for our feature presentation!

A long time friend of mine, Ashley Kyles, among many things is an amazing writer. I decided to share, with you, one of her more contemporary works entitled "Final Fantasy".
I'm sure many of you out there in the blogosphere can relate hah!
Ash! Your a BEAST!

Final Fantasy

Lust that has lain dormant
Urges kept quiet through a series of
confidential conversations & tormented txt. messages
the initial idea was to build a barrier to bury our bond
friendship demanded us to bow to its boundaries
but what is friendship but a tyrant with a devoted heart
lured to it by passion’s aromatic charm
the scent of possibility rests on our tongues like a honey buttered vapor
we dance around the tension with tortured stolen glances, subtle innuendos
& harmless amorous play
Kids in the hall whisper they’re canard tales
What do they know of a carnal magnetism such as ours
One so desperate to be fed it solicits itself for tactile compensation
We keep this secret telepathically
Run when you see the little white rabbit
For he will only lead you into an inebriated wonderland
Which at the end of this hangover
unlocks the door to the twilight zone of the soul
Negligent of how enchanting the contingency
Its impermissible
Statistically the odds are devastatingly calamitous
However the illusion is immortal
& will eternally cement us as cohorts
Halted in a pubescent hallucination
We remain, having survived the ruin of our platonic rendezvous
So into battle we go with this fire breathing dragon
Until our armor wears thin and our arsenal dissipates©

Friday, March 13, 2009


Writer's Block - The Collective, is composed like a symphony with the finest of ingredients to create a musical delight for the soul.

One of our ingredients, Kesed Ragin, has gotten some inspirational shine from K-Swiss. He is featured in their 2009 Campaign. Click here to see what is to be beheld when you tune your ears to the Writer's Block Symphony. We're Glad You Came.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


A Week From This Glorious Day
We Will Embark Upon

Writer's Block Poetry Party

If you are familiar with the steeze you already know, Bowery Poetry Club is
the place to be.
Honestly, Writer's Block is about to "shape shift" in '09, and if you blink you just might miss us. Take advantage and roll with the realest.

"When I say WRITERS.. yall say BLOCK!"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dancing With...Wait?! Who Is THAT?

Dear Lil' Kim,

You claim yourself to be Black Barbie, and I must say the work that you have done has earned you the right to get MATTEL tattooed on your right inner sole to prove how authentic you are. You never fail to keep it "a hunnneed" as you perform for your "ladies in the Federal Detention Center."

Congratulations on your "swagger advantageous" performance. You my friend are the reason I will change out my bunny ears to watch you dance to "Nasty Boys" with your real life Ken Doll.

Your Ever Enthused Friend,

The Littlest Sartorialist Of Them All

It seems as though The Sartorialist has managed to being procuring their future features from the tender age of 10. While this may not be true for the mass of fashionable people that happen to end up on this infamous blog. This is indeed true for Arlo Weiner who is featured in the GQ features of men.style.com.

This little dude has some serious style. I am flabbergasted. I can imagine him growing up to be this fine older distinguished gentleman below. I will be looking for you, little wiener. I will be looking....
Photo Credit: thesartorialist.blogspot.com

And although his immaturity is indeed demonstrated in his outfits, his thought process is so complex it is to be commended. For example, he told GQ for this outfit:
"I have a lot of black outfits these days, so I needed the red ascot to add some color. I love red and black together—they each make the other stand out. I’ve worn this to school about 12 times."
This kid is certified SWAGGERIFIC!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Jaslene?!?!? Is That You??

Is this a dream? Do my eyes deceive me? Did an ANTM actually manage to get out of synthetic yakky web weaved by the Tyra stackhouse herself. Jaslene actually managed to get her prominent jaw faced self into a magazine, and not in those sad SouthPole ads either. She is featured in the "La Casa Azul En Brooklyn" spread of the 3rd issue of the livingproof magazine. It prides itself on being less of a magazine, thereby ending up on more coffee tables, and in less trash cans.
If they keep publishing issues with Frida Kahlo inspired photographs of ANTM's of webisodes past, they may be onto something.

Peep the LivingProof blog, here and find the magazine somewhere in your hood, its FREE!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Lemme Getta Numba Thirtayne Please!

Yes, my favorite phrase, on those seldom occasions when I find myself dining at the restaurant better known as Mc to the Donald's.

Honestly, I know fish ain't square, but this song got me CRAVIN'. This fish got some real talent. His flow actually reminds me of Uffie - "The Party". Click the link if you dare to COMPARE!

Friday, March 6, 2009


Definitely ripped this off of BlindIForTheKids, but I have been rockin' to this mixtape today. It is mixed by none other than Mick Boggie.

And, considering that I am without my beloved iTunes anymore due to the passing of my "lappie" (moment of silence) -Yeah, sorry got a lil' emotional- I've been doing more musical supplementation. So click the picture to download the Mateo mixtape. Let me know what you think.
Peep the trailer...yes a trailer for the Underneath the Sky mixtape. Thats that "new new."

Flash. Cards. Tricks.

You 'oft trick me. Your signs, not as easily understood as equations scribbled on the back of flash cards. "2x2=4." I repeat it twice. Reciting the problem until I can hear the answer. My mantras are in vain.
"Why do you confuse me?" I ask.
"Why do I confuse you?" you reply.
I say "My repetitions are in vain."
You respond "Vain are your repetitions."
I mutter "Tricks are for kids."
You answer "So are flash cards."

Michael Jackson isn't white or black. He's imaginary.

Muhsinah is not imaginary, but her music is legendary. Download "From Here” from her album Oscillations: Triangle.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009



Like he never leaves any room for error, no room for guessing, no room for mistakes. That is the way I like to listen to his album too, with no spaces, no skipping, just straight. Well, here is his video SoBeautiful, from his album OnMyRadio.

And just like Pharrell says, "my n-gga you can do it too." Here is a tutorial I found because I have been trying to teach myself this song for a while now. Had to dust off the ol' keyboard, but I am making progress. Enjoy!

Miss Foxy

This post is strictly for the ladddiees, and fellas who enjoy foxy ladies. Whilst reminiscing my days of yore, playing with Barbie's and what not I happened to stumble upon the Original African-American Barbie. Yessah! She was flier than a kite with no strings. Check out this Foxay Laday!
They seriously need to re-release this awesome beauty. She is the representation that the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice. And Stila make-up is celebrating this sweet lady by allowing you to channel your inner barbie.
The four Barbie™ Loves Stila beauty cans will be available exclusively at Sephora’s 5th Avenue store in New York, international Sephora locations, and at Sephora.com.
I want this one....

Photo Credit: http://www.barbie.com/

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tasteful Tuesdays

A little Nina Simone always reminds me of what is important. In this recession, we lost a lot, but Nina reminds us we have so much.

And here is the newly released Melo-X - Google Alert Nite n Day (Melo-Eclipse). I am really feeling this joint. I know you will be feelin it to. Shouts to Melo aka (Mellow X according to MTV, haha)

Monday, March 2, 2009

UnOfficial Snow Day

Today was an unofficial self-declared snow day for some and for others, like me, life continued as usual. Well, if I in fact did have the day off I would have spent it eating genetically altered suicide generation green grapes in my flannel pajamas while watching the entire past two seasons of Gossip Girl. Then I would have proceeded to dance arrhythmically to The Smiths. But since we don't live in a perfect world I had to wake up at the BUTT crack of dawn and get to work.
Speaking of BUTT, what if I told you that there was an UGG boot that I actually approved for males to wear. Yes, UGGs for dudes. Well, it is true and funnily enough the name of the UGG boot is UGG BUTTE. Isn't that funny. At a whooping $224 at Zappos.com, it is not really recession proof, but it sure is snow day proof.
And here is the perfect soundtrack to shovel out your snow covered vehicle or sidewalk to. Kanye' West's vh1's Storytellers Live, the Mixtape. Click the link and enjoy. Thanks to herfection .

Sunday, March 1, 2009

When Is Enough Too Much?!

Paul Schene, I refuse to call him an officer, has not only injured this 15-year-old female minor after she stole her parents' car, but has also shot and killed a mentally impaired man. Also Schene has been caught driving under the influence, while also taking prescription medications.

Now he simply gets a slap on the wrist with a paid suspension until the court rules. It is a shame when the persons responsible for making you feel safe, make you feel otherwise.

In no way could a 15-year-old kicking her shoe at you weakly require such viscous activity. The community needs to be heard. Thank you BScott for informing us of the horrendous news. Read the full article here.