Thursday, February 26, 2009

Foxx of the Jamie

Blame it on the Cam Cam Cam Cam Cam Cam Cameo's
Blame it on the Ca a a am am meoss

Wow Jamie. Seriously. Dude has successfully collected both Tatyana Ali (from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and Forest Whitaker in the same video, with others not mentioned here.
What is even more of a shocker is that the video is about making excuses for substance induced liberation of behavioral restrictions. Translation: BLAME IT ON THE ALCOHOL.
I don't know whether to shake his hand to commend him for achieving such a great feat, or smack him upside the head for not making a video with all these cameos a little more than a bunch of 30-somethings pseudo-dancing. Either way I am sure he would have just said,

"Blame it on the Goose, Got me feeling Loose"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hardcore Accessories

Whilst cyber-ly flipping through the electronic pages of the New York Times Style Mag, I happened to fancy my gaze on this splediferously amazing article about this dude, Ted Noten. He is like the revolutionary of the hardcore accessory realm right now.
According to NYTimes, "His pieces — a brooch cast from chewed gum, shattered porcelain cups hanging from a gold chain — are not your standard charm bracelet. A few years ago, when Noten, a former psychiatric nurse, was invited to create a piece with pearls for an exhibition, he dressed a dead mouse in pearls and encased it in an acrylic pendant."

Wow that sounds like some original hot 'ish to be rockin.
Honestly, his work is PHENOM and def puts to shame the attempt of Semi-Precious Weapons hardcore jewelery line. Its called Fetty of Brooklyn, although I do love the pieces.
But with prices like $15 and a hot band like Semi Precious Weapons, I think both them and Ted deserve this "handy-man" video by The Knife. It is oh so fitting!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Tuesday Teaser

This made me giggle today. I mean, I knew about the Snuggie, and honestly on these cold winter days I really could use one of these Vatican priest robe like materials in my wardrobe. But honestly with a parody like this, imma wait 'till this blanket goes on sale at Costco, which it eventually will. TRUST!! They always do.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Tauba Auerbach

I thought that my handwriting was on point, but seriously Tauba has taken the medium through which we express ourselves and UPGRADED it.
Letters like little droplets of magic sprinkled on paper is what twenty-something year old Auerbach does. I love how she approaches language as a science. Like trying to interpret the flowery art of language with the static equation of technology, and her sum is her painting. She is now presenting some of her works here in the greatest city in America, New York. At...

Deitch Projects
76 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013

So what do you say??

Yes/No (no that is really what the name of the painting is, hehe)


Okay! Cool.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Alek Wek

In the theme of fashion week I would like to take the time out to focus on my muse. Alek Wek. So beautiful so graceful. I love her new feature in i-D magazine. Major Props.Photo Credit:

Down Here In Hell | FallBack Fridays

...with you.

Would you subject yourself to these conditions seriously??? I am not to sure but yeah, nice video, even better song. This is my FallBack Friday.

Van Hunt. Get familiar.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

So Me..

...your sooo me.

Your illustrations remind me why I want to one day become a Parisian DJ and travel the world with the likes of Justice, DJ Medhi, Busy P, Uffie, Sebastian, and Kid Cudi. Yes the french designer is responsible for every ED BANGER record sleeve, T-shirt, portrait & poster.
He is the genius behind the "WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS" AND "D.A.N.C.E." VIDEO FOR JUSTICE AND THE "GOOD LIFE" VIDEO FOR KAYNE WEST, and now the DAY and NITE video for Kid Cudi.

designers fran├žais sont unicorns .

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Black Genius

Recently I have been getting on my intellectual and doing some leisure reading from my minuscule library. I acquired this book while taking an Ethics class at Howard University back in '05, but in light of the recent debauchery of the NY Post and their cartoons........I have decided to re-read this information packed goodness.
This book, rightly named, Black Genius: African American Solutions to African American Problems, is definitely a good read. It has excerpts from several writers, with contributers like Spike Lee, Angela Davis, and Stanley Crouch, it definitely is worth the investment of your time.
If you wanna sneak peek, click here. Well, I am gonna get back to my book. I think I hear it calling me. It's says "Read Me Seymouuurr."

Spit That Tomorrow. You Already Know!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who Did It Better???

According to Kanye's Blog, he has been working on the video below for the past month, although it is not the next single. Instead he claims he was forced to release said video due to somebody releasing a similar type. You decide.

This video by Chairlift "Evident Utensil" that I stole from Solange Knowles is very catchy. It lacks Kanye's Cosby reminiscent 80's sweater, but has trees and such. Iunno. I kinda like them both. Either way these videos look like the director was trippin' out on some concentrated Unicorn blood mixed with some NyQuil, nah means.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Bad

I know my blogging has been a little sub-par as of lately. I promise yall fo' real imma get better. Anywho, in the mean time and inbetween time enjoy this little dittie from an ADVANCED pole dancer, who claims that he is a Bo$$. Well, in the light of the recent Valentizimes, I thought that this video was quite fitting.

Bo$$? Not so sure? Flexible?? Damn Skippie!
In the light of dancing, I have stumbled upon a few new dances that are quite reminescent of the all famous "Stanky Leg" and such. Not sure which one preceded the other, but all I know is that I will be breaking a mean "hamstring" injury if I do this movement excessively. That is all for now.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Back In Business & 50 Ain't Got No Cents

Let us all take some time out to thank the powers that be for allowing me to have internet-access again.......

[pausing some more...]

Okay. Now back to business. I have some seperation from the internets and I come back, and 50 cent is wearing make-up???? And is now going by "Pimpin' Curly" Dude. Really??? Is he trying get signed to MAC or sumthin???

Boy I need to take a internet vaca' more often, so some more important stuff can happen!! Like Amy Whinehouse creating her own religious sect! Nah, I'm kidding.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Technical Difficulties

My lap top is spazzing out. Please pardon us during this time. Writer's Block, we will be back shortly!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I sooo EFFING <3 LJM

Okay so here goes. Me and my bestie have been obsessed with this dude for like a year now. I was being stingaayy, 'cause he is soo damn fly I honestly didn't want to share. But damn, Leon Jean Marie is sooo good I can't keep him to myself. Peep his fanstastical nature in this video right hizzere...

Yes he is real. I can't believe it myself. Just reminds me I need to move to London pronto. Well turns out homie is about to drop another album.

So not only is he amazingly gorgeous, but also generous, as he is allowing most of his songs to downloaded for free. Click here to do so.

If you want a sneak peek before you click the link, peep the hotness below.

Thank me later.

J to the Dilla

On this day, let us remember

Dilla's mom, Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey, is currently battling the same disease, Lupus, that took her son’s life. This t-shirt is a fund raiser to help her out in this time of need. Click here to find out where to cop the Tee and support.

Also, here is J Dilla's "You Know What Love Is," just to remind you if you happened to have forgot. RIP Dilla.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Heavy D (ancehall)

In memory of the recent discussion during the ever majestic Spit That last night, I present Sir Heavy D (elicious), Heavy D (ancehall), Heavy D (readlocks).

But what ever you call him, I still I cannot erase the images of Sir Heavy D and his “Now that we found love what are we gonna doooo?” & theme songs for In Living Color.

We delved into the ever present topic of Caribbean American, African American, versus just calling or idenifying ourselves as Africans. It looks like Heavy D (ynomite) has ditched The Boyz and gone back to his Caribbean roots.

Spit That, always a place to expand you ideas. But let's not get to deep here. Let us Enjoy Heavy D (eep) and his Long Distance Girlfriend.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Man In The Mirror

No lie, like 3 weeks ago I asked my homie ThomasQ "What ever happened to Rhymefest???" He assured me that the fest of Rhymes was working on a new project. But who knew that Rhymefest was working with the Man In The Mirror dude himself, Michael to the Jacksonian!! Oh yeah.
I am not really sure if he actually worked with him or not, but who cares. This mixtape got Michael in skits talking about the whole skin color issue. That is enough colllabo for me. Honestly I sort of favor the way that Rhymefest kind of makes it seem as though MJ is his mentor. Reminescent of when he did that collab with Ol' Dirty Bastard "Build Me Up"

But anywho, my fav' on the mixtape has to be the "Coolie High" joint. Click picture to download!

Don't Forget is THURSDAY People!!
You know what that means..

Spit That
925 Bergen St, BK
Yume Loft
@ 7pm ($5)
Wine, People, Conversation, Poetry, Amazingness!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

This Video Make Me Hungry

All the brown sugary goodness, I need me some chocolate...

Guess India's dropping some hints with this new album Testimony: Vol. 2 Love & Politics that drops February 10th, just in time for ValentiMes. But honestly it sounds a little bit like a commercial. I feel like at any moment, they gonna bust out with the 'ill "Come to Hershey Place for Spring Break," or "Brought To You By NesQuik." Guess Musiq and India were both really hungry when they made this.

If you watching your waist, and chocolate not your thing here is a download of J.Period's "Excursions 2009 Tribute (remix) feat. De La Soul"

Poster BOY

Poster Boy has been described as many things like an "anti-consumerist guerrilla artist" or "New York's Banksy," but unfortunately now he will be described as a felon, and some series of numbers that will adorn his orange jumpsuit. Once again the powers that be have made the ultimate poster boy out of Poster Boy.

It has been reported by the Guardian magazine that on the 31st of January 2009 "The NYPD announced they had arrested a 27-year-old from Bushwick, Brooklyn and promptly placed him on Rikers Island." Later the Poser Boy was released on bail due the collective efforts of friends. The said dude was Henry Matyjewicz, who later sent an e-mail to the New York Times stating that...

"Poster Boy was not a single individual but a "movement".

"Henry's part is to do legal artwork while propagating the ideas behind Poster Boy. That's why it was OK for him to take the fall the other night."

The email ended: "Henry Matyjewicz is innocent."

Keep your eyes open to see if any more of his work shows up. I know I will. In the meantime, and inbetween time, peep some of his previous works tho.

Kate Moss BEFORE

pictures via
I would like to dedicate this Astronote remix of Mayor Hawthorne's "Just Ain't Gonna Work Out," to the NYPD for their failed attempt and trying to hold down the Poster Boy "Movement." I guess it just aint gonna work out.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

That's that "New New"

So a dude in China changes his battery in his cell phone, and the joint explodes in the breast pocket of his shirt. The pieces fly every which way, and one of them ends up severing a major artery and killing him. This is the 9th recorded battery explosion since 2002 in China, according to TimesOnline.
But, amidst all this Lil Scrappy is, (and I quote) "on that New New" and he has got himself a "Cellphone Watch." Well that just puts my little rinky dinky time telling wrist accessory back a couple notches. Thanks Lil Scrappy for bringing in this Black Hi$tory Month with such $tyle and Fine$$. (sarcasm much)

100TH POST!!


Nah, but fo' real tho'. We at Writer's Block are proud to announce our 100th post, and thanks to all our "Ryde or Dye" readers, and RSS subscribers, and you visitors who occasionally grace us with your presence you deserve an applause.
In other news. It has been my observation that in '08 the trend was auto-tune and swagger jacking. Now that the word "swagger" has been officially eliminated from all of our '09 vocabularies, it has been substituted by Gibberish. Not not the word gibberish literally, but honestly for shame I think that the trend in music is to create music that no one can decipher.

It all started off with the Ting Tings "Impacilla Carpisung," which honestly has about 3 real words total and the rest is a collection of sounds, with no meaning. Leaving the listener to interpret what they want. I guess Ryan Leslie took that and ran with it with his next single "Gibberish." Wsdfaweknfir, what?! I'm getting my '09 vocab on, hehe.
song via

Monday, February 2, 2009


I still believe in miracles, unicorns, & shiny SuperBowl rings. This years SuperBowl, was nothing short of Super. If you failed to spend 4 hours of your life watching men run around in iridescent tights, while catching a leather ball, you were surely missing out.

Fitzgerald surely tried to salvage the Cardinals, but honestly Harrison, is a tyrant with "unnecessary roughness," and Holmes took it home (corny, i know).

But of course there are some who watch the SuperBowl not for the game, nor for the half-time show with Bruce (in which you know less than 80 percent of his songs), but in fact for the 60 sec interruptions. This in my opinion was one of the best commercials for this SuperBowl.

It is relatable. It is commical. It involves hurting small furry animals. It has a not-so-subliminal message. What more could you ask for???